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Bridgeport Premier Futebol Club
Coaching and Managerial Staff

David Teixeira

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  • Coaching Director

  • Club Co-President

  • Club Co-Founder

  • Teams:

  • Bridgeport Ayso

  • Bridgeport Travel Sc

  • Bridgeport Premier Fc
    Central High School
    Vasco Da Gama Mens (2008-2010)
    Stamford Mens League Haitian team
    Shelton High Girls Goalkeeper trainer


David Teixeira is Co founder of Bridgeport Premier Fc. He has been Coaching since 1999 starting from our AYSO Rec program to our U-19 boys Premier and beyond. He founded this club with the help of his wife Emily to give back to the community and City of Bridgeport and to help kids in a urban area the opportunity to play at a high level of soccer and maybe on to the collegiate level. David's love for soccer started as a child. He remembers the only toy he had was a soccer ball. His father trained David to play soccer from the moment he could walk. David is Portuguese and that should say it all. Growing up in a European life style there is nothing else! you eat and sleep soccer. His father trained David as a goalkeeper because that is the position he played as well. At the age of fifteen David left the US to go train and play on a professional soccer team in Portugal Chavez soccer club. He spent 4 years in Portugal playing and then came back to the US. At the age of 22 was when David started coaching. He uses his European style of teaching from his days in Portugal. He also Coaches Central High School in the city of Bridgeport for the past 8 years. One of his achievements includes coaching Vasco da Gama Mens semi pro team and He took them all the way to the Semi-finals of the CSL Mens Open league, they lost to Stamford in double overtime and it was Vasco Da Gama first time in 22 years to get that far. Coach Dave as everyone calls him is loved through the city of Bridgeport and surrounding communities. He teaches the game with love and passion and truthfully cares for his players. "He calls his teams his family and truthfully means it."


Emily Teixeira




  • Club Co-President
  • Club Co-Founder
  • Club Manager

Emily Teixeira is Co founder of Bridgeport Premier Fc. She has been management since the club began in 1999 starting out with one team that David Teixeira coached. Through the one team she had a vision to expand the premier portion of the program so she did. There isn't one thing that Emily does not do for this organization. She helped set them up into the travel program and then into the premier level program. She always says the reason she does this is because she wants to give back to her community the place where her and David "started it all". Emily grew up in the city of Bridgeport and knows first hand how hard it is to keep the youth focused in a city life style. Through soccer she found a way to keep athletes in the city focused on one thing the game of soccer. She made the game their focus with one agenda that through the sport that they love that they would continue to play at all levels to pursue college. "Even though it is a soccer organization and we are here to teach the sport and will do that. I have a bigger goal in mind why don't we use the sport to get our youth into College! I don't care what division soccer program it is. I just want to see all my kids go to college to pursue higher education. Sounds easy but in the city of Bridgeport the High School drop out rate is extremely high. We have teenage kids that need to get full time jobs after school to support their families. It is not easy when a child has to choose survival or education." Even though she helps runs a soccer organization she is truthfully here to help the youth grow into well educating young men and now women. The support she gives kids behind the scenes is amazing, to Emily its not just soccer its life!